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Question: Black Stone Type Thing Under The Skin

 phnxbn - Fri Dec 10, 2004 4:25 pm

i was scratchin my back one day and i had felt a srange bump on my back so i looked at it in the mirror. it was swolen on the surface and underneath was quite a large black area... it didnt look at all like a mole so i tried to get it out but with no luck. it wasnt really irratating but it just bugged me because i knew it was there. so i eventually did get it out. it was a strange black stone shaped thing.. and it was very hard, but it was semil hollow. by this point it is REALLY buggin me because i got it out but i have no idea what it is, and its kinda freakin me out.. it looks alot like a shell of something but im still not sure what it is... it would help alot and make me feel a little bit more compfertable if i knew what it mite be.
 mos4567 - Sun Dec 12, 2004 1:18 am

I am not a doctor, I am just a freshmen collage student. But it sounds like something I had happen to me once, I fell and some dirt got wedged into my hand, picked it out, a bunch of small black pebbles. Perhaps some how that thing got pressed into your skin and it never came from you in the first place. If so it is nothing to worry about, but if you feel uneasy it is better to just talk to a doctor about it. No since in stressing out about it for a long time, stress is not good 
 Ceilidh - Mon Dec 13, 2004 1:29 am

Oddly enough I was surfing around tonight because the exact same thing happened to me on Saturday. I noticed a lump or something on my lower back (actually closer to my hips really) and looked in the mirror. It as about the size of a small pea and looked black. I called my husband in to look at it and he said it didn't look like a mole or a zit or anything normal like that.

I left it alone for the day but because I am just weird that way, I could not leave it alone and kept randomly scratching at it with my fingernail. That night I had my husband look at it again and told him to see if he could tell what it was. He poked at it and eventually he decided to break open the skin to see what the black thing underneath was (you know the honeymoon is well and truly over when your husband agrees to pop unkonwn lumps on your body and it doesn't seem weird in the least).

He broke opent he skin and pulled out, with tweezers, a hard black 'stone' that sat just under some hard skin and pus. It was very strange and neither of us had seen anything like it. It is not jagged or sharp in any way and is, in fact, very smooth and oval shaped.

If it were a piece of gravel it would have to be from a very, very long time ago. I'm in my mid-thirties and can't even think of the last thing I did that involved falling down let alone onto something like dirt or gravel.

If anyone knows what it is I would be most appreciative as, like the OP, it's kind of freaking me out as well. It's a little odd to suddenly start producing rocks from various places on your body!
 hanna - Mon Feb 21, 2005 11:09 am

I am so glad to hear that that has happened to someone else other than me!
Last night the exact same thing happened to me (found a small - almost like an apple seed - thing in my upper arm). Any clues as to what it may be????
 amanda_S - Wed Mar 09, 2005 11:12 pm

When I was fourteen, I had the same thing (i think). I noticed a small bump, almost like a pimple, on the skin between my collarbone and shoulder. After I noticed it I couldn't stop picking at it. It looked like just a bump, no black underneath how some people said they had it...It felt hard, almost as if there was something inside! I finally took tweezers to it, when I got down about a centimeter, I hit a black lump. When I dug it out, it was just as people described-black, hard, round, about a centimeter around-like a pebble. I was totally grossed out and threw it away, but I've been scared of what it was ever since. Now, two years later, I decided to research it-not expecting to find anything. When this site popped up (to my total surprise) I thought it could be my chance to find out what that thing was. PLEASE HELP!
 s2003 - Mon Mar 21, 2005 11:55 pm

so i have stones under my skin but they arent really black they are more of a grey blue, and some are sort of square shaped. I have many of them too, they are on my sides, my back, my arms, on my colar bone. I have actually had several come out. I asked my dr. about it but she was said I was fine, but she didnt tell me what htey were, and it worries me Because it isnt exactly normal to have stones all over your body. I think the first one i had come out was my freshman year in h.s. and i am in college now. If anyone knows what these things are I would love to know.
 hanna - Wed Mar 23, 2005 4:50 pm

I went to the doctor and asked about the black stone under the skin. When mine came out I was trying to see if it would break (as it was super hard) and it slipped out of my hand. The doctor had no clue! He did say if it happened again to bring in the stone. It did leave a good scar though. So, if this has happened to you and you still have the stone - take it with you to the dr. Or my nurse friend said to put it in your palm and put a few drops of water in your palm and rub it around to see if it dissolves. It could be hard congealed blood from some sort of puncture or bruising that happened to you sometime. ????? I hate not having a definite answer but the doctor did say that if the area was not infected that means that it was no-foreign body or object in your body (something that your body created out of something it didn't need and it tried to get rid of it) BUT if the area was infected (pus came out with it) it was something foreign. Any other answers out there?
 Jafar316 - Mon Sep 19, 2005 2:56 pm

I have something hard under my skin and it's black. I was wondering how to remove it, do I let a doctor remove it or can I do it myself?
 Cox315 - Mon Oct 31, 2005 6:57 pm

I had the sane thing here.. about a year ago I noticed a small cut on my side that seemed like there was something inside it, so i picked at it and this small brownish black object a little bigger than a grain of pepper came out. I didn't think much of it but i saved it in a small canister. I guess you can call me strange for that, but anyway.. Last night my wife noticed what looked like an ingrown hair on the back of my left arm. She picked at it for a while, but it was about 4 or 5 mm under my skin. She dug a little deeper and squeezed it and this object that looked like a black grain of rice popped out.. It was also very hard ..I was freaked out, and wondered if it was maybe something from an abrasion at work that got lodged under my skin. But then I remembered the little canister and took out the other object and placed them side by side. It was the same type of thing!! I have no idea what it is, but it feels like a rock.. maybe some type of mineral deposit or something.. Has anyone found out what these things are yet?
 Chex - Thu Nov 03, 2005 11:21 pm

I thought I was the only one! I got one in high school around 2 years ago. And I got one just recently on my back. I thought it was just a blackhead or a pimple. So when it got swollen and ready to burst I asked my mom to pop it. Funny thing is I thought there would be just some pus, but a lil black pebble came out. It was pretty huge, just a little bit bigger than a grape seed. Being curious I decided to cut it with a knife since it wouldn't break with my nails. When I cut it, it was kind of white inside and still quite hard. I'm really confused on what it is. And this topic hasn't got one answer. :( If I go see a doctor soon, I'll show it to them.
 Chex - Thu Nov 03, 2005 11:25 pm

actually it was like a small little black pepper grain, not a grape seed(that's too small).
 Guru - Sat Nov 05, 2005 6:17 am

Dear Folks
Chex "thought it was a blackhead"; and this is exactly what you've all been alarmed (and/or horrified) by. These "black stones" are simply mega versions of a blackhead or comedo (also called comedone).
You can view a picture of a Giant Comedone at one of these sites:
or ... -559445252 which shows the untreated lesion, and ... 2102515277 which shows the "Black Stone Type Thing " after removal.

So you can all stop stressing. These things are innocent if somewhat attention-seeking blackheads.
 grosie - Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:27 pm

my mom had the same thing. hers looked exactly like a little peppercorn. i saw it while we were swimming and she said that she had a cyst in the exact same spot before that she had to get removed. the comedo (i guess) was embedded in her skin but was not covered by any skin. it came out fairly easily and did not cause her to bleed at all. she does have a "crater" where it came out at. apparently she had it for awhile and she asked the doctor about it about a year ago. her doctor told her it was just dirt and bacteria (like a blackhead) and to just scrub her back with a loofa, but i'm guessing it didnt work because she still had it a year later.
 Dr.M.jagesh kamath - Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:31 pm

User avatar Hello,It is likely that your mum had sebaceous cyst which has regrown.The back is a common place.
These are known as retention cysts and contain sebum,blakish keratin and the contents smelly if you open it.
These cysts when not completely removedcould grow again.
The cysts are not serious and can be easily be removed.
You can get it examined by a dermatologist or a surgeon.Dermoid cysts are the look alike and need to be differentiated.
Best wishes.

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