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Forum Name: Testicular Cancer

Question: Pain in right testicle

 cosmosys - Mon Jun 27, 2005 3:16 am

Hello. I am a 20 year old male in pretty good general health.

Since about November of 2004, I have been having an off and on pain in my right testicle. It started suddenly one day and felt like an ache. There was no swelling or blood in my fluids or anything. I saw a doctor at a walk-in clinic the next day who examined me for signs of torrosion but she couldn't find anything. A urine test was also done (which didn't show anything out of the ordinary). The doctor then referred me to get an ultrasound done on my testicles which I had done in December and that too did not show anything wrong. My family doctor also examined me to signs of testicular cancer and also had me do another urine test which showed nothing again.
The first time I had the pain lasted for about a week or two. It started in my right testicle and felt like an ache with occasional sharp pains. The pain stayed in my right side 90% of the time, very rarely I was able to feel pain on my left side. Eventually the pain became more dull and started to radiate away from testicles and down into my buttocks and eventually went away. It was uncomfortable to stay seated or to walk for long periods during this time.
My family doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong but decided since the pain went away that it might have just been some infection and to not worry about it unless it came back. Well, a few months later (in February I think) my pain came back. It was the same as before, more or less, but it didn’t hurt as long or as much. I got a referral to a Urologist whom I was unable to see until May. During that time my testicle pain had come and gone several times. The urologist examined me and couldn’t think of what was wrong. He said that it might be an infection that’s going away but keeps flaring up every now and then but he said that it was “impossible to tell” and the only thing he suggest was for me to take some Tylenol or other over the counter pain medication and to maybe see him again when the pain comes back.

Well, since then the pain has come back and it’s starting to annoy me even more. I haven’t gotten around to calling up the urologist because I’ve been busy and also because I’m frustrated that he didn’t give me any help last time I saw him. I have no idea what it is, but I have a good idea what it isn’t (ie, cancer, torrosion, etc). Does anyone have any ideas at all? Thanks.

PS, I’m not currently sexually active and since I last was I have been tested for STDs and nothing was found. Although I did get a message saying that the manufacturer of the urine test that was used for my STD test issued a worldwide recall of their urine tests because it produced higher than acceptable false negatives. But since that STD test I’ve had several other urine tests done that showed nothing. Just to be sure I’m going to the clinic sometime this week for a retest…in the meantime, any help would be appreciated.
 Dexter - Wed Oct 05, 2005 4:15 pm

Hi Cosmosys

I wanted to reply to you becuase i too have exactly the same problem which you are describing and i too have had all of the tests which you have had.

My doctor though told me that the pain is called Varicecole (excuse my spelling). This is nothing serious purely simple. It is when sperm ducts become blocked and infected which is why there is occasional pain and discomfort along with occosional swelling.

I have been experiencing this since the age of about 14 and i too am now 20. It is nothing to worry about and you just have to live with it. Doctors have said you can have surgey however they do not recommend it as its not life threatening etc.

Take my advice and try not to feel or touch you testis when possible and this should delay intervals of regular pain. You may find from time to time that they will be triggered by the way you are sitting down or if you wear tight underwear. You just have to live with it and be assured that this is actually very common amongst men these days.

I cannot say this is 100% what you have but by the sounds of things plus the fact that you have been tested for everything else it is more than likely.

You may also have varicous veins in your scrotum which could also be the cause.

Just remember its not life threatening and it will not affect your fertility.

Hope you feel more assured now you know someone else has same problem.

You are welcome to email me if you wish
 chrisrm - Mon Oct 24, 2005 8:41 am


I am 24 years old and have been having similar symptoms to you guys. Occasionally I notice a throbbing sort of feel, not really pain but close, in my right testicle or at least in that region. I sometimes have a hardening below my right testicle which seem like the piping there is inflamed or blocked. The hardening is not synced necessarily to the throbbing and comes goes in a few days. I do think the symptoms are often stress related. Or If I drink a lot of coffee.

Can anyone else confirm or deny the danger of the situation?
 kris63 - Mon Oct 31, 2005 3:07 am

Your problem sounds very similar to mine. I am 42 and have this kind of pain for 2 years now. Ultrasound did not reveal much. Doctors havent helped much. But in my case I think it could be a vericose vein in the testicle. When the pain started 2 years back I also had mild piles (vericose vein in my rectum) because of my sedentary job. Since then my piles have gone with change in habits and the testicle pain has reduced but havent gone altogether. Hope this is any help
 nscolaro - Mon Nov 14, 2005 2:17 pm

Hi guys. I'm 26 y/o and in good overall health. I have a throbbing in my left testicle. I had it for a week before I saw the doctor. He examined it and it was firmer than the other but that was the only visible sign of simething wrong. No swelling or redness. It lasted for a week, I went to the doctor, he immediately sent me for an ultrasound and I'm waiting for the results. The pain went away for a couple days and is back now. The pain is throbbing. It's not totally like a throbbing thumb from hitting it with a hammer, but it is similar. It's only in the left, othing in the right. On a scale of 1-10 it's probably a pain of 3 when it throbs today but last week at it's worst, it was probably a 6 or 7. Is ths what you guys had/have?
 nervus - Mon May 21, 2007 6:16 am

hi im 22, with reasonably good health, 2-3 years ago unfortunatly i was to embarrased to visit hospital after sitting through a testical torsion of my left teste, which resulted in it being lost, and eventualy replaced, (i wish there was more awarness to men and young adults about this , so that if it did happen they wud get immediate help, i was totaly unaware of this being able tyo happen)
#anyway 2-3 years later on , and now for the last 1-2 days iv been having frequent pain in my right testical(real) which seems to come from the back pointy end of the testical and comes and goes in sharp pains, often seems that if i lie down it eases the pain and more than often goes for a while,
i visited my hospital and had urine tests and had a doctor inspect it, who couldnt see anything wrong and the urine tests didnt show anything, iv been told it cannot be a torsionas i have already been treated for one, i am very scared to be honest, as last time i ignored the pain i lost one, i cant risk losing my last one, iim hopinh its nothing serious but am very concernd, if anyone can help AT ALL please do so.
 Jason71 - Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:12 am

I have a similar pain but mine is almost like a cramp but not in the actual testicle but what is connected to the testicle. My friend who is a dr said it sounds like a hydrocele which is an accumulation of fluid in the ducts. I explained it felt ropey and he said it probably is a hydrocele but of course as any good dr would do would recommend me to see a reg dr for evaluation. The one thing I notice is that when I gain weight, I notice it happens more often than when i keep my weight off. And if I can be frank, I also notice that if I am fooling around with a woman and stimulated but hold off on having an orgasm I will have a lot of discomfort in that area as well. My testicle never gets swollen and i have not felt any lumps pr anything on it. The pain just seems to get worse ifd sitting for too long and i feel some relief if i push down on the testicle and stetch it from the tubes that it is connected to because it feels like its crampnig. Sorry if I was too graphic, just explaining my situation.
 robinsongirls - Sun May 03, 2009 8:31 pm

I am a 33 year old, healthy male, but my fiance and I are going to try to get pregnant so i had a fertility test done (it did not turn out so well), but also I have terriable pain in my right testicle and durring intercourse it will migrate up above the level of the base of my penis and have to be pushed back down. Does anyone have any ideas, had the problem, or can tell me what is wrong. I have an appointment with a urologist in a month, but the pain gets real bad at times. Thanks in Advance.
 jsmayhue - Sun May 10, 2009 6:13 pm

I have this same problem as well. It started about two months ago with sharp pains behind my testicle. hurt for two weeks, then kinda eased off. I havent felt any lumps on my testicle. going to the doc next monday, hopefully its nothing bad.
 bluetooth05 - Thu May 14, 2009 6:26 am

My situation is similar where I have been feeling a ache or subtle pain in my right testicle except for that I also have been having watery ejaculation which started at about the same time. I assume something is clogged down there. I used to have very thick, milky and sticky cum but now it is watery and clear and shoots out like a geyser - I'm being serious. This along with the subtle pain in the my testicle has made me kind of nervous. I have not read anywhere about both these situation happening simultaneously. And I've been so caught up with reading how each individual case is often a normal occurence based on diet and natural bodily changes and that there is nothing to worry about. And only now did I read that a pain was in fact a dead testicle. So now I'm scared. Does anyone know what this is?
 Mgrier1190 - Thu Sep 17, 2009 5:29 am

Hello I am 18 and I also have had pain in my right testicle its started like a month ago and I went to the doctors and i was sent for a ultrasound. The urologist saw me and said the ultrasound was clear and there was nothing worng the pain went away for a while but now its back. Does anybody have any idea what it might be i don't think its cancer but the pain is like a ache in my right testicle any suggestions of what this might be would be appreciated.
 dkh78 - Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:47 pm

I have a dull pain in my right testicle. I went to a urologist and he felt it and said I was fine. He gave me antibiodicts though. Do I really need to take?
 Carxman - Thu Dec 31, 2009 4:22 pm


I too have been experiancing a similar pain since late September. It started as a dull pain in my left testicle. Since late October it has since traveled to the upper portion of my scrotum, and into my abdomen. At times becoming so severe that I can not walk right, or sit correctly. I have been to the ER 3 times, and have seen my family doctor over 4 times dealing with this. I have have ultrasounds, Blood, Urine, and on 12-28 a CT scan. My doctor believes it is Prostatitis, during the ultrasound they did find a 3mm cyst on my left testicle (the one I am having pain in) but according to my family doctor that is not the cause of the pain, according to him cysts are very common. My doctor is now leaning more towards a lodged kidney stone somewhere. Hence the CT scan. I have been on Doxycycline for 2 months. (according to my doctor; prostate infections can take well over 2 months to clear up with anti-biotics) I did a 15 day cycle of Cipro, as well as one other that I don't remember. When going through periods of severe pain, Percocet is the only pain medication that helps. I am hoping that I may get some answers on Monday from the CT scan. Good luck everyone.
 qwerty61 - Tue Feb 09, 2010 4:10 pm

Right, Hello I am 16 Years of age and am concerned about my testicles; well not my testicles a vein above my right bull. Everytime I ejaculate my right vein seems to swell, i get not pain, only the accational miny pain :). Im just wondering if this is a doctors concern or just some sort of stress or over mastabating, please reply :) thanks
 rup25 - Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:08 am

same as all the above posts,i am experiencing a pain n my right testicle for the last 2 days,i am a 25 yr old healthy male and sexual inactive for a long time now,the pain started 1 day when i masturbated 3 times.It was unbearable at 1st but it slowly became less,my right testes seems fine but once n a while it gives me mild pain,especially when i walk around,the pain seems to radiate from my testes to my lower abdomen,Is it serious????someone please suggest
 Noman - Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:05 am

Sir, I am Suffering in testis pain and in urethra areas about two years., sir Pain often comes & go, I have done a lot of ultra sound of kidneys, testis, urine test and also urethra ethrogram but nothing show any thing in this test, sir iam very confunsed about this testis pain, sir i read your advice that live wiith this pain (Wed Oct 05, 2005 4:15 pm to cosmos in doctor lounge onclolgy answer). because this pain occurse when sperm are block (as you said) .Are you sure sir? sir, yesterday i touched a girl and kiss her, after that pain start and a lot of pain start and breark 2 years record of my testis pain, and after that some thing come out from my penis like jelly.and when i think or touche a girls some thng out from penis like jelly. Whenever i passed the urine after that irritation start in the point of my penis.sir, i am very confused that what type of disease i have. please help me as you are also have same problem. sir i want to know that is there any dangerous disease i have? and will this disease do any problem after married with me?. what are the precaution? please i am in big trouble please explain me, if you want to do any question so please do not hestitate to contact me to mail addres.
 Dr.M.jagesh kamath - Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:39 am

User avatar Hello,Let me first tell you that you are not likely to have any serious problem since you have been well investigated to rule out any organic problems.
The clinical condition would probably fall under Chronic pelvic pain syndromes(CPPS).The cause of this is not known but may be related to depression.There are no specific tests here and only by excusion of other conditions.But then the condition it self is real and not psychological and could be debilitating.It is not life threatening,not venereal and not contageous.
Prostatic massage,Therapeutic ejaculation,physiotherapy,sitz baths are some of the treatment options.Do consult a urologist again if symptoms persist.
Best wishes.
 mfmfaalil - Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:08 am

the pain same as what i felt for last 1 year..
Thanks for the explanations
 drjohndorian - Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:46 pm

Wanted to post this in case anyone else was going through the same. Its a lil ackward. Mgrier1190 and jsmayhue, i have a similar issue.

Im a 27 year old male, very healthy. I am experiencing pain in my right testicle. From what I can tell, its not the actual testicle, but rather the epidimis(sp). The pain goes from the testicle, to the epididmis, and becomes an ache in my lower right back. Sometimes the back ache is worse than the actual testicle ache. I have found that this happens almost like you get blue balls. I will become aroused, if there is no release, the pain sets in. My testicle and the epidimis especially become hardened. I have found that massaging it helps, although sometimes that only alleviates the pain, and that if I masturbate, that is the only surefire way to solve the issue. Afterwards, my testicle will still ache and remain hard for several hours. Its terribly uncomfortable at times. When the testicle and the connective stuff at the bottom are hardened, my testicle kind of resembles Africa, if that makes any sense, lol. As in Mgrier1190s situation, i notice that when I masturbate, my semen looks different and there is definitely a clear watery liquid being released that isnt usually there. As in jsmayhues situation, the same testicle will sometimes slip back above the base of my shaft if I am on bottom. It freaked me out the first time that happened, and has an uncomfortable feel to it, but it just pops back down I have learned. To complete the whole deal, i have a varicocele on my left testicle. Lefty has only hurt me once or twice, and that was when I was younger and it doesnt bother me anymore.

Hit me up if anyone is having similar issues. The frequency and easy of this coming on has gotten worse, so im going to get it checked.

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